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Meditivity has habit templates related to any life sphere. We're constantly adding new content to make positive changes in your life easier.

1 Build & Break habits

Develop healthy habits and replace bad with good ones.

2 Triggers

Habit loop - the scientific way to make new habits stick.

3 Mindset

Simple cognitive tools to rewire your brain.

4 One-Click

Add habits with icons, flexible reminders, repetitions, and duration.

5 All-in-One

Get motivated by streaks and track the progress on all habits.

6 Help in Achieving

Statistics, gamification, focus timer, meditations, and other cognitive tools.

Morning routine

Morning routine primes you for success. They are collections of habits or actions you do on a regular basis to bring order to your day. Simple things like meditation, slow tea, and making a to-do list in a calm atmosphere can become a game-changer.

Meditivity. Morning routine
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