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First-of-its-kind science-based app that helps you achieve goals and form habits.


Loved by customers

Ayumi Moore Aoki

Meditivity is an app that is led by a real purpose: that of helping people achieve goals and bring positive behavior change. Actions that can positively change the daily lives of millions of people that seek personal well-being, self consciousness and individual growth.

Ayumi Moore Aoki
Founder & President of Women in Tech
Polina Kiper

I love the idea and realization! I finally found a tool that helps me organize all my tasks and find time in my calendar to do all the things I've been planning for so long such as working out and meditating. Now I work more efficiently and have plenty of time for myself and my family.

Polina Kiper
Talent Acquisition Lead, Europe at Anheuser-Busch InBev
Chetan Hirani

I'm stunned how the Meditivity app has increased my overall productivity and it's taken my clients to another level. This app is now their new best friend. Fantastic!

Chet Hirani
Founder of Not Your Ordinary Coach

How it Works

Plan in a flash

Have you ever felt frustrated with tons of tasks and information?

Have you ever lost motivation because you didn’t know where to start? There is another way to achieve your goals.

Follow the seamless guidance in every sphere of your life.

Use easy-to-follow goal and habit programs designed by experts.

Free your mind and keep all your to-dos, personal or work-related, simple, or complex in one place.


Do in a flow

Instead of feeling stuck and procrastinating, enjoy work at flow.

Keep the energized focus with Pomo timer.